Current Exhibition

  • David Slivka

    Twenty years ago, David Slivka took a Cord Camera photography class, and this ignited his passion for travel photography. David began taking road trips throughout the United States and Canada.  What excited him most about his earliest photography adventures was having the opportunity to share powerful images and sharp color.  In 2006, he traveled from the Netherlands to Italy, and he discovered architecture and landscapes that took his breath away.  For his viewers, David wanted to capture the wonder he felt when he came upon these spectacular scenes.  David continues to travel.  His recent collections are of trip to Nepal.



Past Exhibitions

  • Kayleigh Efird – Saint Genevieve Still Loves You
    Kayleigh Efird is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer with a special sensitivity towards color and performance. Her work is no stranger to the absurd and otherworldly, as she is inspired by the lovable cast of the Muppets and baroque painting. Growing up in North Carolina, […]
  • Nick Luther
    Nick Luther was born on September 3rd, 1993, as the second of four boys. Growing up with a father who loved comic books and horror movies was a huge factor in developing his favorite artistic subject matter and preferred styles.  Nick has been drawing for as […]
  • Joseph Ovalle – America Closed
    Joseph Jesse Ovalle is a multi-media artist who investigates the meaning of an object through material use, process and symbolism. He graduated from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a minor in Art history. Joseph references historical and contemporary in his work […]