Aspen Lara Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception May 5th

About the Artist:

Aspen Lara is a student at Indiana University studying Informatics with a digital art cognate. She started drawing at 8 years old, and has continued to draw and explore different mediums throughout her life. Though she enjoys experimenting with different techniques and mediums, she tends to gravitate towards using colored pencils and charcoal to create realistic still-life portraits.

Statement from the Artist:

I use colored pencils, charcoal, acrylic and other mediums to create still-life works that are a blend of realism and pop-art. I enjoy taking simple objects, and finding the beauty in them through my artworks. My work is heavily influenced by Sari Shryack, as well as the world around me. I’m always taking photos of things I find interesting or unique that I can maybe use later for a piece.