Tea for one - Lily Bird MacNeil-Kitscher

Lily Bird MacNeil-Kitscher is a local artist getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Indiana University. She works primarily in painting and printmaking mediums, with a preference for woodblock and watercolor. Nature is important in her work and life having grown up on a farm in the countryside. Intricacies of light, color, and reflection are also major subjects of interest since studying painting from observation. Lily is inspired by painter Charles Burchfeild, Japanese woodblock printmakers such as Totoya Hokkei and Ryūryūkyo Shinsai, and beloved filmmaker Hayao Miazaki. This is her first solo exhibition and she is excited to bring her work to the community.


As I go about my day I’ll often encounter beauty, and often it is held in quite ordinary things. I stop to look for a while, and in these quiet moments I feel great joy. Although much of my work as a student is made simply to further my technical skills, I have recently started to shift my focus towards these moments. By turning them into art pieces, I get to spend more time with them. These works encourage their viewer to see and appreciate things that they may not have otherwise noticed. Not just the scenes I’ve depicted, but the scenes that they will go on to encounter in their own day-to-day lives.